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Girl Scouts of Colorado encourages all girls to participate in both the Cookie Sale and Fall Sale programs, but it is not mandatory. We acknowledge there are numerous money-earning activities for youth organizations and allow troops to participate in many of them. However, Juliette girls and families are not permitted to plan and participate in outside money-earning activities. Before your troop invests time, money, and energy into a program other than the Cookie Sale and Fall Sale programs, please consider the following: 

There are many benefits to participating in the Cookie Sale and Fall Sale.

In addition to raising funds for herself and her troop, your girl’s participation in the Cookie Sale and Fall Sale programs help provide the Girl Scout Leadership Experience to girls statewide. These funds help offset the cost of camp and pay for maintenance at Girl Scouts of Colorado properties. They also provide volunteer training, resources, and grant opportunities for girls in low-resource areas.

Most importantly, when girls participate in the Fall Sale or Cookie Sale programs, they develop crucial life skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—that will set them up for success beyond anything they can imagine.

Your girl can sell Girl Scout Cookies/participate in the Fall Sale, even if her troop is not.Your girl can participate in the Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Sale and Cookie Sale programs, even if her troop is not. A parent/guardian takes over the role of troop cookie manager (TCM) and attends all trainings to help the girl have a successful sale. For more information, please contact the product sales specialist for your area.

The timing of additional or outside money-earning activities is crucial. 

If your girl/troop chooses to participate in an outside money-earning activity, that activity cannot happen during the Cookie Sale or Fall Sale programs. For membership 2018, those dates are: Sept. 23 - Oct. 30 for the Fall Sale Program and Feb. 4 - March 11 for the Cookie Sale Program.

GSCO cannot provide you (or your customers) any help or support for money-earning activities other than the Fall Sale or Cookie Sale programs.

Girl Scouts of Colorado is only licensed, insured, and able to work with vendors and customers related to the Fall Sale and Cookie Sale programs. If you have trouble with a vendor or customer as part of an outside money-earning activity, it is up to you/ the troop to resolve it.

Certain money-earning activities are off-limits.

You cannot raise money to be given directly to another person/organization. Please refer to Volunteer Essentials for further information. 

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