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How are food allergies and special dietary needs handled at camp?

Allergies and dietary restrictions are collected through CampInTouch on the Health History. Our catering service staff and camp staff review Health Histories before each session to account for all allergies. It is best practice to complete your camper’s health information early to share this information with camp and kitchen staff so they are ready to help accommodate your camper’s needs. If you do not input the allergy/dietary information on the form by the deadline date listed in your CampInTouch account, the camp staff will not be prepared for your child's dietary needs.

At our resident camps (Tomahawk Ranch and Sky High Ranch), we are “nut aware.” This means that although we are not entirely nut free, we can accommodate campers with nut allergies. If your camper has an extreme nut allergy, contact the camp prior to arrival for special accommodations. 

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