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What is the difference between Program Aides and Counselors in Training?

  Program Aide Counselor In Training
Nickname: PA CIT
Program/Age Level: Cadette (entering 6th – 8th grade), Seniors (9th - 10th grade), and Ambassadors (11th - 12th grades). PA training and internship must be completed as Cadettes, but girls can continue to serve as PAs as Seniors and Ambassadors. Girls can serve as PAs at overnight camp once they are entering 9th grade. Seniors (entering 10th grade) and Ambassadors
Prerequisites: (1) Girl completes her Leader in Action award
(2) Girl completes Program Aide Training
(3) Girl leads six Program Aide internship activities over 10 hours.  A troop leader or volunteer who oversees the activity can sign off on the internship hours.
Must be entering 10th grade.
At day camp Volunteer-led day camps offer options for Program Aides, including, but not limited to: Program Aide Training, Program Aide Internship, or program leadership experience as a Program Aide. Please ask the volunteer day camp director what options may be available if you are interested in working at one of their camps. CIT is an overnight camp award, not available at day camp.
At overnight camp Must be entering 9th grade and have completed Program Aide as a Cadette. Experience working as a Program Aide at a day camp is recommended. Must be entering 10th grade.
Definition Program Aides learn about program leadership, working with younger girls, and how to lead Girl Scout programs. Counselors in Training learn camp counseling skills, and how to work positively with campers at camp.
How to register (day camp) Read about camps on the GSCO camp website. If registering with GSCO, use CampInTouch.  Because being a Program Aide at Day Camp is popular, you may need to apply with the volunteer director to be appointed to the role. If registering with the volunteer, ask the director how to apply. N/A
How to register (overnight camp) Register in CampInTouch.
Girls can register for individual weeks of Program Aide at camp if they have earned the award as a Cadette.
Register in CampInTouch.
CIT 1 Training: girls register for and complete a 12-day or two-week training.
CIT 2: sessions for girls who have completed CIT 1 Training. Pre-requisite: Completion of CIT 1 Training.
Recommended time for completion 6 months – 2 years:
This award takes time to complete, start early so you aren’t rushed!
CIT 1 Training: 12-day session or two-week training at overnight camp;
CIT 2: as many sessions at overnight camp as desired

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