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Daisy's Circle FAQs

1. What is Daisy’s Circle?
Daisy’s Circle is a monthly engaged giving program designed to cultivate philanthropy within friends, members and volunteers of Girl Scouts of Colorado.
2. Why should I join Daisy’s Circle?
It’s easy and a small gift makes a BIG impact! Monthly Daisy’s Circle donors at every level are financially invested in Girl Scouts of Colorado for the benefit of girls throughout the state. By making a financial contribution, supporters help to create a sustainable base of individual giving and reduce Council reliance on earnings from product sales.  Fundraising is vitally important to providing opportunity grants for membership, uniforms, supplies and camp and event fees for every girl in Colorado who wants to be a Girl Scout. Fundraising also helps to keep Council-sponsored programs and activities affordable for all members.
3. How can I join?
Join online at or by filling out a paper registration form in person at an event or by mail.  To receive a paper form or for questions, please contact 303-607-4879 or  
4. How does Daisy’s Circle work?
After filling out a paper commitment form or signing up online, monthly gifts are deducted from the donor’s checking account or charged to a credit card.  Staff members who support Daisy’s Circle are enrolled in bi-monthly payroll deductions.
5.Are there minimum or maximum monthly gift requirements?
Supporters can join Daisy’s Circle for as little as $15/month (that’s less than monthly coffee!)   There is no maximum, donors with gifts of $100+/month are also enrolled in an annual giving society.
6.Are there membership benefits?
  • Donors $15-$30/month receive a membership pin, welcome gift, special Daisy’s Circle patch, card, exclusive retail offers and a subscription to Daisy’s Circle member monthly enewsletters;
  • $31-$99/month receives the above, plus reusable tote;
  • $100+/month and Founding 100 receive the above, plus an exclusive gift.
7.How did Daisy’s Circle start?
Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri pioneered the Daisy’s Circle monthly giving model in their Council in 2014.  They worked with fundraising developers TwelveX for more than a year to create a program that would engage staff and membership to become partners in fundraising for Girl Scouts. Working closely with staff and adult volunteers, their monthly givers now number in the hundreds (with revenue in the hundreds of thousands), providing secure and stable annual giving for their Council.  After their initial success, they shared their process, and four additional Councils, including Girl Scouts of Colorado, signed on with TwelveX to launch Daisy’s Circle in our Councils.
8.What is the Daisy’s Circle Founding 100?
In celebration of our new fundraising campaign and our centennial, the first 100 people who joined Daisy’s Circle by signing up with a monthly gift have been named the “Founding 100”.  As early advocates of the program, Founding 100 members receive special recognition in addition to regular Daisy’s Circle benefits.
9.Who else has Daisy’s Circle giving programs?
  • Girl Scouts of NE Kansas & NW Missouri (Kansas City)
  • Girl Scouts of NE Texas (Houston)
  • Girl Scouts River Valleys (St. Paul)
  • Girl Scouts of West Central Florida (Tampa)
10.Why did Girl Scouts of Colorado launch Daisy’s Circle?
The Girl Scout Councils who have adopted Daisy’s Circle agree that partnering with staff and membership to create a culture of philanthropy will create a sustainable source of funding and help reduce reliance on revenue from product sales.  Daisy’s Circle creates an opportunity for anyone to invest at any level and make a BIG impact as part of a collective campaign.  Daisy’s Circle also offers leadership and professional development opportunities for staff and volunteers who wish to learn more about fundraising and become ambassadors for the monthly giving program
11.What are Girl Scouts of Colorado’s goals for Daisy’s Circle?
Girl Scouts of Colorado’s first-year goals include:
  • Daisy’s Circle membership will grow with engaged volunteers, staff, members of Girl Scouts and other supporters to build a sustainable base of financial support from individuals.
  • Members will better understand what it means to support Girl Scouts financially as well as with time and talent.
  • Members will be equipped with more knowledge and skills to make gifts and ask for financial resources to accomplish the mission of Girl Scouts.
  • Girl Scouts of Colorado will cherish a broad base of statewide donors, regardless of monthly and or annual giving amount, as Daisy’s Circle members, an important group who are helping to ensure long-term, sustainable financial support.
  • Daisy’s Circle will enroll 100 members by the end of September 2016 and 200 members by the end of September 2017.
12. How is staff involved in Daisy’s Circle?
Fifteen staff members have formed an Internal Champions Committee to assist with the development and marketing of Daisy’s Circle.  This cross-collaborative team includes staff members from many departments and from every office statewide. Committee members will educate and engage adult members and friends within a culture of philanthropy so members better understand philanthropy and what it means to the organization.  Staff will attend recruitment, volunteer and girl member events to spread the Daisy’s Circle message and identify volunteers to become Internal Champions.
13.How are volunteers involved in Daisy’s Circle?
Members who join Daisy’s Circle have several opportunities to become more involved in the monthly giving program:
  • Become a Featured Supporter!  Tell us your story and we will share it on the Daisy’s Circle website ( and in an upcoming enewsletter.
  • Become a Daisy Circle Ambassador!  Speak on behalf of Daisy’s Circle at a Service Unit meeting, volunteer training or other Girl Scout event.
  • Join the Internal Champions Committee and help direct recruitment and stewardship efforts.
  • Participate in regional Daisy’s Circle recruitment and stewardship events.
14.I already give through my workplace campaign.  Is this similar?
Yes, just like a workplace campaign run by United Way, CFC (Combined Federal Campaign) or CCC (Colorado Combined Campaign), Daisy’s Circle offers the opportunity to sign up for a monthly deduction.  Instead of your paycheck, your deduction may come from either a bank account or credit card (some people use this as an opportunity to gain points or miles!). 
15.Can I designate my gift to a specific event or purpose?
While gifts designated to a specific purpose are greatly appreciated, Daisy’s Circle donations are accepted as unrestricted gifts.  By supporting general operating, you are directly supporting our core mission and strengthening our organization.  General operating funds provide opportunity grants which provide the Girl Scout Leadership experience to girls who may not otherwise be able to participate.
Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes!  Girl Scouts of Colorado is a 501c3 organization and all Daisy’s Circle donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law.  As a Founding 100 member or $100+/month donor you will have the option of receiving a special gift that may affect the taxable amount.  All Daisy’s Circle members will receive an acknowledgement upon enrollment end-of-year donation statement for tax purposes.

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