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Fall Product Program FAQs

2019 Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Program

Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Fall Product Program? Why should my girl/troop participate?
The Girl Scouts of Colorado Fall Product Program is a great way for troops (both new and existing) to earn startup funds for the year or get one step closer to reaching their next goal. It is less involved than the Girl Scout Cookie Program because girls can choose to do the entire program online or go door-to-door and there is no inventory during the program to manage. All troops receive 13% of their magazine orders as troop proceeds, plus $1/item for nuts and chocolates. The Fall Product Program also helps girls learn the 5 Skills: goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics.
When is it? 
The 2019 Fall Product Program starts Sept. 21. In-person and Nut Promise sales end Oct. 13. Any items ordered after Oct. 13 will be shipped to the customer and the customer will be charged for shipping. Customers who want to avoid shipping charges must order their items before Oct. 13. Oct. 28 is the last day for online orders.
What types of products will girls be selling for the 2019 Fall Product Program?
Girls will be selling nuts and chocolate from Trophy Nut and magazines from M2 Media. New this year are dark chocolate mint trefoils in a gift box. Milk chocolate mint trefoils will be available in a Girl Scout safari Jeep tin. Chocolate covered pretzels will be available in a winter wishes tin and peppermint bark will be available again in a snowman tin. 

What constitutes an online sale?
An online sale is one in which a customer makes their purchase of a magazine subscription, nut, and/or candy item through a girl’s personalized online storefront. In terms of nut and candy sales, there are two types of online sales:
Nut Promise Sales: To save on shipping costs, a customer can make a Nut Promise purchase, which allows a customer to use a girl’s personalized online storefront to make a promise to purchase nuts and candy from a girl and pay for the items online. The customer will then coordinate with the girl and her caregiver for delivery of the products. Nut Promise sales include only the 15 items listed on GSCO’s nut order card. The last day for Nut Promise sales is Oct. 13.  
Direct Ship Sales: A direct ship sale, which can be made through Oct. 28 using a girl’s personalized online storefront, is one in which the customer chooses to have nut and candy products shipped to them directly. This option includes shipping charges. Direct ship sales allow customers to choose from all nut and candy items offered by Trophy Nut.

Where will I get my fall product program materials?
New this year - Materials will be mailed to service unit fall product program managers, and distributed to troop volunteers who will give them to girls.
What types of rewards can girls earn by participating?
Girls earn rewards for each different part of the program. In addition to earning Cookie Credits, they can also earn a personalized patch. Some of the rewards for the 2019 Fall Product Program include: At the $125 level, a sequined, drawstring bag, or a small and large plush rhino (at the $325 and $725 sale levels). At the $850 level, girls earn a 10% camp discount and their choice of a mess kit and pop-up lantern OR 30 Cookie Credits. Check out the order card posted on the Fall Product Program page of our website to see a full list of 2019 girl rewards.  All rewards are cumulative.
Is the camp discount in addition to what I get for cookies or instead of? 
The 10% camp discount earned for $850 in sales is in addition to any camp discounts earned during the 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program.

When will I get my rewards?
Every effort will be made to ensure that Fall Product Program rewards are delivered to SUFPMs the week of December 2 - 6. SUFPMs will distribute them to troops the following week.
How will I get my personalized patch?
Your personalized patch will be mailed directly to your home from the vendor.
What if I didn’t get an email to login? 
To get started, go to: and follow the prompts to participate.
- Create a Me2 Avatar: Your girl can create her own Me2 avatar to look just like her. As she moves through the online set up creating her personalized storefront, she earns virtual rewards that she can view in her Me2's room.

- Launch Your Campaign: Once the storefront is set up, simply send emails to friends and family inviting them to support your Girl Scout. Increase your sales by sharing on social media, too!
What if my troop doesn’t participate, can I? 
Yes! A girl is welcome to participate in the Fall Product Program even if her troop is not. A caregiver will assume the role of fall product manager.
Can Juliettes participate in the Fall Product Program?
Yes! A caregiver will assume the role of fall product manager.
Can a troop submit late orders?
No. There will only be one nut/chocolate product order placed to fulfill all customer orders. Also, please note, that we will not have additional product on hand.
Fall Program Training Materials
All materials, except for the money envelope, are available for download on the Girl Scouts of Colorado website. Also, Fall Product Program materials will be mailed directly to service unit fall product program managers. If you did not receive materials or need extras, please reach out to your service unit fall product manager (SUFPM) for assistance. If you are unable to connect with your SUFPM, or your service unit does not have one, please reach out to your product program specialist (PPS). If you don’t know who your PPS is, please email GSCO Customer Support at
Fall Program Training
Contact your service unit fall product manager for training. If your service unit does not have a fall product manager, or you’re having trouble getting in touch with them, contact your product program specialist for assistance. If you don't know who your product program specialist is, please email GSCO Customer Support at


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