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Can siblings attend Girl Scout events?

Troop leaders can make the decision for their troop if siblings, either male or female, are permitted at Girl Scout events, depending on factors such as the purpose of the event, the logistics of having siblings attend, and how they will participate. If a troop decides to allow siblings to attend the event, the Troop Leadership Team will need to ensure the following things are taken into consideration:
  • Any female siblings who would like to attend between 5 years old and 18 years old will need to purchase a Girl Scout membership.
  • All siblings may participate only in age-appropriate activities – volunteers should use the Safety Activity Checkpoints to see if the activity is approved for children of that age. (For example, if you have a male sibling attending who is in the 1st grade, he will only be able to participate in activities that are approved for Daisies.)
  • Adult-to-girl ratios must be followed, and siblings must be included in the number of girls. If siblings under the age of 5 are in attendance, troops must have an adult volunteer responsible for those children, and that volunteer cannot be counted in the adult-to-girl ratios.
  • Additional insurance must be purchased to cover any non-members in attendance (such as male siblings and any sibling under the age of 5). Additional insurance can be purchased by emailing

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