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Equipment Rental

Everything for equipment rentals will be under this link:
Q: What equipment does GSCO have for rent?
A: You can see our full inventory list including items, descriptions, and quantities by using the link provided above.
Q: How far in advance do I need to make a reservation for equipment?
A: 15 days or more. You can reserve gear up to 365 days in advance!
This allows our staff to collect the gear you want, and set up pick-up/drop-off times.
Q: When is the GSCO Denver office open/available for equipment pick-up and drop-off?
A: The GSCO Denver office is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm for equipment pick-up or drop-off. We are not open on weekends and are unable to accommodate weekend pick-up or drop-offs. If Marissa Rooney is not available for pick-up or drop-off, another person from the Outdoor Program team or the front desk attendant can help with your pick-up and drop-off.
Q: Do I need to include my pick-up and drop-off days/dates in my reservation?
A: Yes. Please include the extra day or two for pick-up and drop-off with your rental days. Ex: If you want to reserve the Traveling Archery Set from Monday to Friday and your program starts Monday morning and ends Friday afternoon, you will need to reserve the equipment before that Monday and after that Friday. Because we are not open on weekends this means you will need to reserve the equipment the Friday before and return the Monday after you are finished. You will not be charged for extra days as equipment is charged by the reservation not number of days (see the next question for more info on pricing).
Q: How is equipment pricing listed?
A: Equipment is charged by the price of the item, not by the number of days.
Ex: If you want to reserve 15 tents, at $1/tent, for 5 days, you will be charged $15 (not $75). The only exception to this is the Traveling Archery Set, which is charged by the day.
Q: Why is there a price for renting these items?
A: Having a small fee per item helps us to cover the cost or replacing these items when they are broken or parts go missing. This does not provide GSCO any income.
Q: How do I find out if the equipment I want is available?
A: Using the link above, type in your expected rental dates, scroll to the bottom, hover over “Equipment Rentals” and click “see listings.” This will take you to a new equipment page with all the items listed and the remaining inventory.
Q: How do I make a reservation with GSCO?
A: Once you’ve completed the steps as listed above, click “book now.” A small box will appear, double check that your dates and quantity of this item are correct, and click “continue.” You will be redirected to another new screen. If you are done with the items you wish to reserve, fill out the information below. If you wish to add more items to your reservation click on the small “add to booking” in the top left corner and repeat the previous process for a new item.
Q: What happens if a piece of equipment I rented breaks, becomes dysfunctional, or is missing when I go to return it?
A: Please leave a note on the item describing what parts are broken or missing. Ex: If you reserve 10 tents, and 1 tent set is missing 1 of its 2 poles, please note that and make it easily identifiable which tent it is upon return. If you wish to replace the item that is broken or missing from your own funds, that is also acceptable.
Q: What happens if the equipment I am using becomes dirty?
A: You are responsible for cleaning all equipment properly before returning it. If you do not think you will have time to properly clean it before returning, please extend your reservation dates to have enough time to clean.
If items are returned dirty, there will be a cleaning charge applied to your account and an invoice will be emailed to you.

Ex: Cook kits should be completely cleaned and sanitized; all cook kit items can be washed in a dishwasher too! Cast Iron should be properly cleaned and dried (instructions come with all cast iron items).
Q: What happens if someone else in my group picked up the equipment, has had an emergency, and can no longer get the equipment to me to use for our girls/event?
A: We do not offer ‘emergency’ rentals. However, here are a few resources of places to rent or purchase reasonably priced camping items:
Q: Why do the quantities of items change from time to time?
A: Our gear gets a lot of use and items are often damaged or parts go missing. Most of our rental items have been donated. Each fiscal year we budget to replace certain items for equipment. Because of all of this, we can’t always ensure the same number of items listed will remain true each month or year.
Q: I made the equipment reservation but can no longer pick-up or drop-off, can someone else from my group do that for me?
A: Yes. As long as the person knows you and knows what equipment you reserved, they can arrange to pick-up or drop-off the items. Either way, whoever picks up and drops off equipment will state their name and sign for it.
Q: If I need to change my reservation in any way how do I do that?
A: The easiest way to change your reservation (dates of reservation, pick-up/drop-off times, person doing the pick-up/drop-off, add or remove items, ect …) please contact Marissa Rooney ( as soon as possible so those changes can be made.
Q: How do I reserve the Traveling Archery Set?
A: GSUSA requires that all GS members follow Safety Activity Check points ( in order to safely and effectively run or host various activities. It is required of members to be USA Archery Level 1 Certified (or equivalent) to rent and instruct anything archery related. We must receive verification of your archery certification before the equipment can be rented out. Once we receive verification, we can help you add that item to your reservation.
Q: How do I pay for my reservation?
A: During the process of reserving items online, it will ask you to either pay in full or make a deposit. A credit card is required to reserve these items. If you choose to pay just the deposit, the remaining balance is due before you pick up the items. If someone else is picking up these items, please ensure you have paid the balance in full before they pick up.


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