Girl Scouts of Colorado

Cookie Program

Savannah Smiles

Crisp, zesty lemon wedge cookies dusted with powdered sugar. Approx. count per pkg: 25

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Can a girl transfer out of a troop during the cookie program?

Girls may transfer out of a troop at any time, based on guardian discretion. However, transfers during the cookie program are strongly discouraged. Volunteers provide significant support to girls during the s...

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S'mores Club

If a girl does not participate in the 2017 Fall Sale program, but sells 300 packages of cookies in the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program can she earn the rewards after participating in the 2019 Fall Sale? No....

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Social Media and the Cookie Sale Program

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How can I submit a Cookie Credit Reimbursement?

When would you request a Cookie Credit Reimbursement? Girl(s) who earned the Cookie Credit(s) is registered for or attended a: GSCO troop or Service Unit trip, event, or activity with a per girl cost GSCO ...

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