S'mores Club

If a girl does not participate in the 2017 Fall Sale program, but sells 300 packages of cookies in the 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program can she earn the rewards after participating in the 2019 Fall Sale?
No. This is a special reward club offered for only the 2017 Fall Sale Program AND 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Sale Program. 

If a girl participates in the 2017 Fall Sale Program with one troop, but transfers to a different troop or becomes an individual Girl Scout and meets the requirement for the cookie sale program, is she still eligible to earn the rewards?
Yes. The individual girl’s participation will count regardless of a change in troop status. 

Is the S’mores Club open only to girls in troops?
No. Any Girl Scout is welcome to participate in the Fall Sale and Girl Scout Cookie Sale Programs. If she meets the requirements for both, she will receive the rewards.
Note: The reward for adults is for troop participation only. A Juliette Girl Scout can still qualify for the club and receive her rewards. However, parents of Juliettes can NOT receive rewards.

How will you know a girl has met the requirements?
All purchases are tracked through our vendor software.

How many Pandora™ bracelets with charms can be earned by the adults in a troop if they qualify for the S’mores Club?
Each troop can earn up to two bracelets, one for their TFSM and one for their TCM. If the TFSM and TCM are the same person they will only receive one bracelet.

When can girls and adults expect to receive their rewards?
Every effort will be made to make S’mores Club rewards available in late April.

Will the Pandora™ bracelets with charms be available for purchase in the Girl Scouts of Colorado Shop or online?
No. These rewards will be available only to members of S’mores Club as a symbol of their achievement. However, if you lose a bracelet or charm, you will be able to purchase a replacement piece after shop staff confirm your S’mores Club status.

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