Outdoor Adventure Club FAQs

What is the Outdoor Adventure Club?  

The Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC) is a GSCO staff led program offering monthly or bi-monthly outdoor adventure and recreation events for girls in 6th – 12th grade across the state. Our program is designed to support girls in taking healthy risks, challenging themselves to try new activities, growing their outdoor skills and connecting with other older girls and supportive adults. Girls participate in the OAC individually and it is intended to supplement the troop experience to offer girls exposure and depth of outdoor activities beyond what they might get with their troop.  



How does event registration work?  

Event registration opens two months prior to an event, and families register through CampInTouchEvent registration closes two weeks prior to an event. For information about our registration processes, policies, payments and please review our OAC Registration FAQ here (LINK).  

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What are the prices for an event?  

Events are indicated on our event fliers as either a “Tier 1” or “Tier 2” priced event. Tier 1 events are $50/ girl and Tier 2 events are $100/ girl. For information about our registration processes, policies, payments and please review our OAC Registration FAQ here. 



How are Outdoor Adventure Club events structured?  
One thing to expect in the OAC is variety! Some events may have all participants together, and some may have two different days with the participants split into smaller groups. Some events may be a day only and some may be a one or two-night overnight. An event letter will be available in your CampInTouch account upon registration with more information the specific event structure.  



Why are there separate 6th and 7th – 12th grade OAC programs?  
By offering separate programming for 6th grade Girl Scouts, each participant will be able to grow in her maturity and skills and will be better prepared for the more independent and challenging programming offered for 7th – 12th graders. We design programming, scheduling and activities specifically for the maturity, skill set and independence of these distinct age levels.  


How will the kids be separated into smaller groups during each OAC event?  
Depending on the event, our large group may be split into smaller groups to rotate through different activities. Groups are often split up by age, and occasionally by experience/skill level. Participants are not able to request to be in a specific group at OAC events, but they can complete a ‘buddy request’ through their CampInTouch account for ONE buddy at our overnight events. Buddy requests are only for cabin/sleeping arrangements. Each buddy must request each other for it to be honored. 



Will the event be canceled if there is bad weather?  

In general, we run the OAC event in rain, shine or snow! Prior to every event, event letters with packing lists are available and we encourage parents to set up their daughter for success at the event by reviewing the packing list thoroughly and dressing appropriately for a comfortable day outside.  If GSCO deems that inclement weather makes road or program conditions unsafe we will make every attempt to reschedule the event and offer a refund to those who cannot make the rescheduled time.  



Are there additional costs for an OAC event beyond the cost of event registration?  

The event registration fee includes activities, lodging, as well as meals if an event is for a full weekend. For our day events, participants are asked to bring their own lunch and families will be informed of this prior to the event. We will provide all specialized gear for an outdoor activity (ex: climbing harnesses, snowshoes, mountain bikes and helmets) but girls are responsible for coming prepared with their own appropriate outdoor clothing and overnight supplies such as warm winter boots, water-resistant pants, warm sleeping bag, mittens/gloves, sleeping bags, etc. Upon registration for an OAC session you will have access to an event letter with more detailed packing list specific to the event.  


If you do not have appropriate outdoor gear, don’t feel the need to buy new items - we don’t want anyone to have to break the bank to get supplies you don’t already own! It is easy to find used outdoor gear in Colorado. Some suggestions are: thrift stores, Craigslist, used wilderness gear stores (ex: wilderness exchange in Denver), Amazon used section, garage sales, geartrade.com, and REI clearance. 

Is transportation provided for Outdoor Adventure Club events? 
We are unable to provide transportation to or from OAC events. Transportation costs and geographic diversity of families in the program makes this a challenge to coordinate. We encourage carpools, and families can use our closed OAC Facebook group to coordinate themEvents have been planned intentionally in different regions - it may be that you have a longer drive one month and a shorter drive the next. A link to the Facebook group is included in your event letters. 

Who staff the OAC? Can troop leaders attend?  
The OAC is supported administratively by Annie Stoneburner (annie.stoneburner@gscolorado) and programmatically by Anna Danila (anna.danila@gscolorado.org)Events are staffed by a mix of GSCO program staff, OAC parent volunteers and often outdoor vendors (ex: rock climbing guides). Troop leaders do not attend/chaperone members of their troop. If you are interested in volunteering as an adult, contact Anna Danila at anna.danila@gscolorado.org. 

How does the OAC incorporate the girl-led philosophy? Is there a leadership component for Older Girl Scouts in this program?  
Whenever possible we encourage Girl Scouts to share in decision-making and gain leadership skills through challenging programmatic experiences. The OAC is not designed to have participants as Program Aides (PAs) or CITs working in a leadership capacity. There is an abundance of ways for Older Girl Scouts to get involved in leadership opportunities through GSCO. 


Contact emily.speck@gscolorado.org for more information and other ways to get involved in leadership programs as a Girl Scout Cadette, Senior or Ambassador. 

Is badge work completed in the OAC?  
Everyone who attended at least one event receives an OAC patch at the end of each OAC year. Due to the variety of program years in the OAC, we will work on portions of some outdoor badges, but may not complete all of steps. We indicate what badge we are working on and what steps of the badge we will complete in the event letters.  


How can I communicate with other OAC families, see OAC pictures and coordinate carpools?  
The Outdoor Adventure Club has a closed Facebook group for families in the OAC program. A link to request to find this group is included in every event letter. 

Is prior outdoor experience needed to participate in OAC events? 
No! We welcome all Older Girl Scouts to join the Outdoor Adventure Club, no matter their prior experience. Participants should come prepared to challenge themselves to learn new outdoor skills and connect with other Girl Scouts. 

Do participants need to be a part of a troop to participate in OAC events? 
No, Girl Scouts can sign up as a Juliette Girl Scouts of Colorado member if they are not registered in a troop! 

Does the OAC need Adult Volunteers? 
Yes! In addition to GSCO staff, we welcome the outdoor experience and leadership of Adult Volunteers to support this program. If you are interested in volunteering, please email anna.danila@gscolorado.org. 

The OAC event that I want to attend is sold out. Can I be placed on a waitlist? 
Girl Scouts of Colorado does not manage wait lists for any of our events or camps. All spaces are first come, first served. Space in your desired dates may become available due to a cancellation. You can to log into your CampInTouch account at any time and see if spaces have become available for your desired dates.  

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